Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

Instructor led online module
40 hours of online training

Upskill for Your Dream Job

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified professionals are in great demand in today’s business environment. Organizations across industries are looking for six sigma professionals to implement quality and process efficiency methodologies to be nimble and competitive.  A lean six sigma green belt certification program is a globally recognized accredition for professionals who want to make a career in quality management and process excellence.

    Green belt professionals are subject matter experts and lead specific project roles within large projects. A green belt certification demonstrates that the individual is well versed in advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma Methodology and can lead smaller improvement projects or assist a Black Belt for large complex projects.

    Our program is designed by expert professionals to ensure participants gain a complete understanding on all elements of the Lean and Six Sigma principles. The course integrates lean and DMAIC methodologies, including define, analyze, measure, control and improve as described by the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Green Belt.

    Program Features

    40 hours of training
    Downloadable Hands-on Data Analysis Training
    2 Simulation Tests
    End-of-Chapter Quizzes
    Industry Case Studies
    Access to weekly webinars & articles

    Who should attend?

    • Quality Analysts
    • Quality Managers
    • Quality Engineers
    • Quality System Managers
    • Quality Auditors
    • Quality Supervisors

    Instructor Led Online Classroom

    Convenient and consistent
    Attend the training from anywhere
    Delivered by certified instructors


    • There are no prerequisites to get the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
    • It is recommended (but not mandatory) that Lean Six Sigma training is obtained through a qualified institution like us.
    • It is also recommended (although not mandatory) that those sitting for the exam have some degree of real-world Lean Six Sigma work experience and project application experience.

    Course Overview

    Lean and Six Sigma methodology is a combination of statistical theory, quality control knowledge and business tools that helps individual to enhance the business procedures. The methodology helps you in removing defects and improving profits, and enhancing performance while reducing process inconsistency. With our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, professionals develop understanding on core to advanced fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma methodology required to lead projects that require improvements. Our Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Training course is designed by expert Lean Six Sigma professionals to ensure participants gain a complete understanding on all elements of the Lean and Six Sigma principles, including define, analyze, measure, control and improve as described by the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge for Green Belt. Our Lean Six Sigma certification help professionals to understand how to design, execute, interpret and control Lean Six Sigma with high proficiency.


    What you learn


    • Principles: The principles and philosophy behind the Lean Six Sigma method
    • Data & Problem Solving: To gather data, and participate in problem solving
    • Processes & Design: Design and implement Six Sigma projects, to apply statistical methods to improve business processes & the DMAIC process
    • Statistical Analysis: Root cause analysis and basic statistical analyses on process measurements
    • Process Identifications: To identify and control wasteful processes
    • Evaluation Techniques: To evaluate daily activities, evaluate problems both statistically and quantitatively, to reduce cycle times and improve quality

    Course Duration

    The duration of the course will be 40 hours in total

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Who is Volans Academia?

      Volans Academia is an initiative of Volans Infomatics, a leading BPM and IT services company, in partnership with Advanced Innovation Group, an industry leader in training and consulting services. The objective of Volans Academia is to provide oriented certification programs to young professionals for a successful career in the corporate world.

      Who is Advance Innovation Group?

      Advance Innovation Group (AIG) is an industry leader in training and consulting in areas of Lean Six Sigma, ISO Certification, Project and Agile Project Management. AIG possesses decades of experience in working closely with industry leaders to devise innovative and cost-effective methods and tools to make business more successful, predictable and profitable. It has over the years trained thousands of young professionals for a successful career in the corporate world. AIG is widely known in the industry as a ‘Manager’s factory’.

      For more details, visit www.advanceinnovationgroup.com

      What is included in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost?

      The cost of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training includes certification exam fee.

      How do you ensure I will pass my exam in 1st attempt?

      We strongly believe our instructor’s expertise that help participants to achieve the success. Our deep research, instructors and participant’s feedback helps us to give 100% assurance.

      How can I attend Lean Six Sigma Green Belt online training and talk to instructor and fellow participants?

      Our online classrooms are interactive sessions that enable you to see, talk and chat with the instructor and other participants. We also provide you a downloadable links of recorded session for future reference. Our dedicated Learning Consultant will walk you through the GoToMeeting platform prior to the class.

      What do I get along with the training?

      You will have access to the learning course material and practice tests along with the training.

    Course Curriculum

      • Six Sigma: The Basics
      • The Many Meanings of Six Sigma
      • Problem Solving Strategy: Y=f(x)
      • History of Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement
      • Roles & Responsibilities
      • Project Team Selection
      • Six Sigma: The Fundamentals
      • Voice of the Customer (VOC)
      • Critical to Quality (CTQ)
      • Affinity Diagrams & Pareto Analysis (80:20)
      • Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
      • Six Sigma Projects: DMAIC
      • Basic Six Sigma Metrics
      • Project Management Basics
      • Business Case & Project Charter
      • Cost Benefit Analysis
      • Project Risk Management
      • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
      • Lean
      • Understanding Lean
      • Lean: History
      • Lean vs. 7 Deadly Wastes
      • Lean & Six Sigma
      • Process Definition
      • Process Mapping, SIPOC, Value Stream Map
      • X-Y Matrix
      • Six Sigma Statistics
      • Basic Statistics
      • Descriptive Statistics
      • Descriptive Statistics: Location – Measures of Central Tendency
      • Descriptive Statistics: Spread – Measures of Dispersion
      • Distributions & Normality
      • Graphical Analysis
      • Measurement Systems Analysis
      • Precision & Accuracy
      • Accuracy: Bias, Linearity, & Stability
      • Variable MSA: Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility (GRR)
      • Stability
      • Process Capability
      • Capability Analysis
      • Attribute & Discrete Capability
      • Patterns of Variation
      • Multi-Vari Analysis
      • Classes of Distributions
      • Inferential Statistics
      • Understanding Inference
      • Sampling Techniques & Uses
      • Hypothesis Testing
      • General Concepts & Goals of Hypothesis Testing
      • Significance: Practical vs. Statistical
      • Risk: Alpha & Beta
      • Hypothesis Testing: Types & Decisions
      • Reading Tables
      • Testing for Normality
      • Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
      • Tests of Equal Variance
      • Z Tests
      • 1 Sample t-test
      • 2 Sample t-test
      • 1 Sample Variance: Chi-Square
      • One-Way ANOVA
      • Hypothesis Testing with Non-Normal Data
      • Mann-Whitney
      • Kruskal-Wallis
      • Mood’s Median
      • Friedman
      • 1 Sample Sign
      • 1 Sample Wilcoxon
      • One and Two Sample Proportion
      • Chi-Squared (Contingency Tables)
      • Root Cause Analysis
      • Correlation & Linear regression
      • Correlation
      • Scatter Plot / X-Y Diagram
      • Regression Analysis
      • Residuals Analysis
      • Multiple Linear Regression
      • Data Transformation, Box Cox
      • Lean Tools & Practices
      • Lean: 5S, Visual Factory, & Standardized Work
      • Lean: Kaizen, Kanban, & Poka-Yoke


      • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
      • Data Collection for SPC
      • Control Chart Structure & Rules
      • I-MR Chart
      • Xbar-R Chart
      • Xbar-S Chart
      • NP Chart
      • P Chart
      • C Chart
      • U Chart
      • CumSum Chart
      • EWMA Chart
      • Six Sigma Control Plans
      • Control Plans
      • Lean Controls

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    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program